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The complete guide to traveling in Hong Kong

General Info

Hong Kong is a small city that lives big. The city combines what Eastern culture has to offer along with Western culture.  150 years of British colonial influence, joined with 5,000 years of Chinese tradition, has created the magic and mysticism of Hong Kong. Not to mention that since it returned to power in 1997, the possibilities for the future.

Hong Kong includes Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, and more than 250 small islands in the southern Chinese waters. Small and accessible, and has many attractions that will make the visit unforgettable.

Every corner and every crevice in Hong Kong has something impressive inviting a repeat visit. From local marketers, through traditional sites to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. On a trip to Hong Kong you will find non-stop activities and sensual pleasures. You will see wild cliffs, mountain paths, beautiful beaches with white and golden sand, lush bamboo forests, and miles of protected parks.

Hong Kong has a thriving economy, one of the freest in the world, based on international trade. Despite being a small island, Hong Kong occupies the 10th largest trade place in the world and is the 11th largest banking center in the world. The currency in Hong Kong is: Hong Kong Dollar.


Hong Kong is an economic power in the spirit of Western capitillism. It is studded with skyscrapers and giant towers across the islands, a breathtaking sight for travelers. As an economic power, Hong Kong is the province of the shopoholics - shopping enthusiasts, wherever they may be.

The variety of Hong Kong products and shopping sites reflects the various traditions and ways of life that exist in the city side by side. There are many Western shopping malls with branches of well-known brands, along with successful original brands. Luxury shopping malls and outlet malls offer significant discounts. And on the other hand the city is full of excellent markets, which continue an ancient Chinese tradition. Some of the markets offer a wide range of products such as clothing, toys and electronics. Some of which are designated markets such as the flower market and the fish market. It is recommended to visit at least two markets. Do not miss the side streets behind or around the market, usually they offer better merchandise, and usually have measuring chambers. Notice that the Asian sizes are smaller than the Western dimensions, what is important when buying clothing.


Stanley Market - A market especially on the south of Hong Kong Island. The market is one of the main tourist attractions of the island. You can find clothing, silk fabrics, shoes, bags and jewelry. Also a selection of souvenirs and various Asian items at good prices. The market became an attraction because of its proximity to the beach. The street behind the market is right on the quay, and it is full of restaurants and food stands, where you can sit and refresh after shopping, and enjoy the impressive view of the bay.


Nathan Road - A large avenue filled with shops and restaurants, which crosses Kowloon from Mong Kok in the north.


Costume Market - a paradise for lovers of costumes of all ages, a place that stimulates the imagination, and makes you ask why not every day Purim.


The flower market in Quellon - perhaps not the place for shopping, but it will be a struggle to hold back and not buying some exotic exotic flowers, if only to decorate the hotel room.


Ladies Market - clothes, bags, and endless shopping. Ironically not for ladies only.


To buy antiques and art - Loscar Road and Hollywood streets, filled with antique and art shops. They're full of forgeries, but good enough for you to take home.


For buying computer games - Oriental Shopping Center, the latest games, at affordable prices.

Night Life

Hong Kong's nightlife is extremely vibrant. You will find mainly bars and nightclubs in Central, Hong Kong Island, and South Kowloon.

The bars in the area range from chic to contemporary, with informal relaxation. Most of the clubs in the city are small and intimate, and they host live bands every night, playing versions of the best known international hits. The areas of entertainment you will not want to miss are SoHo and Lan Kway Fong, both on Hong Kong Island.

Lan Kway Fong is a popular street filled with excellent bars and clubs, and on weekends peopple here go to happy, noisy street parties. SoHo, a few minutes' walk away, features many bars and fine restaurants of all kinds, and is suitable for those seeking a more relaxed night out.

The nightlife of the city's gay community offers popular entertainment venues on the city's straight streets, attracting a diverse local and international audience, with bars and clubs not concentrated in one area, but in the central areas of the city.


A special evening show

Every evening at 20:00 a spectacular performance begins, including lights and laser beams displayed on the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. Accompanied by music, the performance lasts about 15 minutes. It is best to watch from the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront and it is recommended to arrive early to reserve a place to watch. Along the boardwalk is the magnificent view of the crowded skyscrapers on the Hong Kong island that is seen across the street.

Arrival - depart Tsim Sha Tsui Railway Station and follow the signs towards Avenuu of Stars.



Hong Kong is the third largest film producer in the world. More than 100 cinemas show films from around the world. Watching a film in theaters like J P Causeway Bay, is an ideal choice for food and shopping.

Address - Causeway Bay Chinachem, Times Square.


Hong Kong has a combination of contrasts, old versus new, and ancient Chinese culture versus Western and modern culture. The city has a variety of attractions, ranging from ancient temples, huge shopping centers, historic museums and colorful markets.


Island of Hong Kong

Victoria Peak / Tai Ping Shan

When you reach the summit and see the panorama in front of you, the skyline of the city, the Victoria Harbor, you will surely understand why this has become a famous tourist attraction.  At a height of 554 meters, it is the perfect vantage point. You can reach the summit by a tram that climbs to a height of 373 meters. The ride up will be an unforgettable experience and takes about 8 minutes to reach the top tower. Inside the first floor of the tower is Madame Tussauds with hundreds of wax dolls. Alos you can find local souvenir markets, a shopping center and restaurants. Don’t miss the activities in the evening, as just before dark, when the lights are turned on, and the city is full of colors.

Location - You must take bus number 15, from Terminal 6 at Central, or Green Bus # 1 from Hong Kong station E1, below the IFC Mall.


Hong Kong Park - An artificial park in the center of Hong Kong, built in 1991 and covering more than 32 square kilometers. It illustrates the beautiful combination of contemporary design with modern facilities and the colonial buildings that served the British. Visit places like  a Hong Kong-style vegetarian restaurant, a large birdhouse, children's playgrounds, a Tai Chi garden, waterfalls and fish ponds all within the beautiful park.

Address - Cotton Tree Drive, Central 19.

Opening hours - The park is open every day from 6:00 to 23:00.


Ocean Park - If you are a water lover, this is the place for you. The water world is the largest amusement and entertainment complex in Southeast Asia. It offers everything you could imagine including, scooter, sharks, roller coaster, children's world, water world, and a look at Chinese history during the Middle Kingdom. This is a park that both children and adults will enjoy. Do not miss the performances at the park, which include traditional dances, juggling and acrobatics.

Location - Located in Aberdeen, on the south side of Hong Kong Island.

Opening hours - Every day between 9:00 am and 18:30 pm.


St John's Cathedral - this beautiful cross-shaped cathedral is located in the Hong Kong Island district on Garden Street, not far from the tram stop to Peak. Visitors and tourists are welcome to enjoy all the services the cathedral offers. If this is your first visit to Hong Kong, we recommend that you arrive on Sunday, so you can get information about life in the area and the missionary work done.

Location - by public transport, buses lines 12A, 40, 40m, you must ask to get off at the Garden Road station, in front of the cathedral.

Opening hours - Open daily from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm for prayer and meditation.


Soho and the world's longest escalators - 14 escalators that rise to 800 meters, provide a response to the load of human traffic in the city. It drives people from the mountainous residential area, to the commercial and office area, to the flat part of the island by the sea. Around the escalators are trendy entertainment areas, restaurants, cafes, and Chinese street food. You can also do a little shopping in designer stores and a bustling market, galleries and more. It is recommended to go to an afternoon bar and sit with all the people who came after another long day at the office. Streets: Elgin, Hollywood, Wellington, in central Hong Kong.


The Hong Kong Museum of Art - This museum shows the Chinese heritage that has been preserved for many years. You can find about 14,000 different works including Chinese paintings, calligraphy works, historical paintings, ancient tea dishes, and works by local artists.

Address - Salisburt Road Tsim Tsui, Kowllon 10.

Opening Hours: Sunday - Friday 9am - 6pm, Sat. Closed.


Hong Kong Space Museum - The museum features a planetarium and a number of exhibition halls displaying exhibits on astronomy and space science.

Address - Salisbury Rd. Tsim Sha Tsui 10.

Hours of operation - all days of the week, from 10:00 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday until 19:00.


Hong Kong Museum of History - This museum shows the historical and cultural heritage of Hong Kong. You can see works on history, archeology, and ethnography, and learn the story of Hong Kong from ancient times to the present day.

Address - Science Museum Rd. Tsim Sha Tsui East.

Hours of operation - Wednesday - Monday 13: 00-21: 00, Tuesday closed, Saturday and Sunday open from 10:00.

Kowloon Park - This park offers visitors numerous activities, from sports activities, Tai Chi in the morning, to a tour of the park's various gardens. You will also find playgrounds for children, statuettes scattered throughout the park, greenhouses, and more. In comfortable weather, locals and tourists can enjoy the many facilities in the area.

Address - Kowloon Park Sports Center 22 Austin Rd. Tsim Sha Tsui

Hours of operation - all days of the week, from 5:00 to 00:00.


Lantau Island

The Great Buddha (Po Lin Monastery) - one of Hong Kong's best-known attractions, attracting dozens of Buddhists from around the world. The statue of the Great Buddha, whose construction was completed in 1993, is about 34 meters high and weighs about 250 tons. The sculpture is located near the Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong and expresses the interaction between man and nature. To reach it you will have to climb 268 steps.

Address - Po Lin Monastery Ngong Ping Lantau Island.

Hours of operation - all days of the week, 10: 00-17: 30.

Entrance fee - Entrance to the Buddha complex is free. The entrance to the exhibition under the statue is at a cost of $ 60 (including a vegetarian meal served on the monastery floor) and is served every day from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm.


The Disneyland of Hong Kong - Hong Kong's Disneyland invites you to visit the realm of fairy tales and fantasies, all in combination with the world of tomorrow. At the entrance Mickey Mouse will receive you, and will accompany you to the wonderful facilities in the park. There you will find shops, restaurants and 2 hotels. The site is relatively new. It was built in 2005 and has $2 billion dollars invested in it.

Location - Lantau Island.

Jew communities

It turns out that Hong Kong also has a 'Jewish point'

The community population is about 5,000 people, and has 5 synagogues, a ritual bath, three kosher restaurants, and a Jewish cemetery.

Jews first arrived in Hong Kong in 1842, since the transfer of sovereignty from China to Britain. Jewish merchants from Iraq and India opened an office in the city to develop the new port. The small community revolves mainly around the businesses of the Sasson and Kadouri families.

In 1857, the Jewish merchant Jacob Elias Sasson built the first synagogue in Hong Kong, Ohel Leah, and founded the local Jewish community.


Kosher food in Hong Kong

One of the important questions for kashrut supervisors who travel the world is, of course, where can kosher food be obtained, and even better, Israeli food?

First, at the Chabad House, you can get a kashrut guide to Hong Kong, and beyond that, there are some places where you can buy Kosher food:

Kosher store

In the Jewish Community Center store you can find everything you need to travel in Hong Kong, without your belly chirping. This includes various cheese products, frozen, fresh baked bread, canned goods, and other products that are mostly imported from Israel.

Address - Pacific Place Mall (lower floor) Admiralty, Hong Kong.

Kosher restaurant

Shalom Grill - is an Israeli kosher restaurant (belonging to the "Shuva Israel" community)

Address: Kanot Street, Hong Kong Island (Central Area)

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