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The best site in the world is a combination of good technology with better people, a combination of marketing coupled with accurate segmentation. We will do everything to make our customers to feel an exciting experience every time when they enter the site and will know that we go hand to hand from the moment of entry to the site until the moment they come home after each trip. We will take risks, because a plane is safer when it is at the airport, but it's not his mission. We'll test the market and lead it, our competitors will copy from us every time anew and that's fine, because we set the tone and we dictate the pace and no one In the world can not stop us.We always look forward during analysis of the past and always - we'll stay human.

About Us

Amsalem Tourism & Leisure Ltd. is a global travel company specializing in the business travel field,and it one of the leading companies in this field in Israel. Amsalem Tourism & Leisure Ltd was founded in 1983. The company employs over 400 employees in Israel and abroad and is jointly owned by Yaakov and Eliezer Amsalem.

Amsalem is not a travel company in the usual sense. It is the largest and most professional center in Israel for handling business travels. Amsalem has perceives the business trip as a task that requires planning, organization, control and management, while ensuring that the needs of the client and the passenger are understood. In order to support the various aspects of the business trip, the company established a reservation and operation center, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
The center is powered by operates a team of travel agents specializing in the field of business travel, which is assisted by a variety of supporting departments, including land arrangements, conferences, travel documents (visas, passports, etc.), quality inspection, control and improving of agreements according to customer needs.

In order to provide an efficient and quick response to the demands and changes that characterize the business trip, the company has set up a unique operations center that operates around the clock and locates the real-time required solutions and last-minute changes in the schedule. A special emphasis is placed in the company,for treatment of waiting list, To obtain places on the suitable flights to the passenger's schedule, In the requested departments.

The company's large purchasing power, together with the extensive experience accumulated in it, enable Amsellem to advise companies and to accompany them in their dealings with the aviation suppliers and the land arrangements. In addition, Amsalem has special agreements in overseas markets in which its subsidiaries operate. Amselm's accumulated experience shows that wise use of agreements and control tools, leads to significant savings in the Company's travel budget.

 Amsalem company has a Nationwide deployment. The company's headquarters and main office are located in Tiberias. Other branches are located in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Petah Tikva, Karmiel, Kfar Saba and Ma'agan Michael. In addition, Amsellem operates a large number of in-house companies in leading companies in the economy.

Amselm company  has subsidiaries in the United States (on the East Coast and on the West Coast), Mexico, the UK (London), Turkey, India and Hong Kong with local licenses for the sale of tourism products, that enabling the granting of attractive prices and short response time to customer requirements.

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