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Amsalem Hong Kong office

The Amsalem Hong Kong branch was established in 2008 and holds a YATA license and is located in the city center.

Types of customers at the branch: Business customers of companies working with Amsalem under a global or regional contract for Asia Pacific located throughout Asia including, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, China and more.

Customers who come through the Israeli-Jewish connection:
Clients belonging to the Jewish-Israeli community and its institutions (consulate, Jewish school, synagogue), Hong Kong, China, and Singapore.

Place, population and travel characteristics:
Hong Kong is a central junction in the east and is a gateway to China and Asia as a whole. Hong Kong has a free and prosperous economy, based largely on international trade. Business companies receive favorable conditions on behalf of the authorities. Hong Kong has a large number of foreign companies and foreign workers from all the countries that actually concentrate their operations in Asia as a whole. These facts, of course, contribute to a very high travel rate compared to other cities in Asia. The fast, full and rich pace of life in Hong Kong actually shapes the profile of the average traveler as a person with multiple trips, and the world becomes a small, accessible and dynamic place for him.

The office staff at Amselm Tours Hong Kong is composed of local and Israeli workers who work in full and fruitful cooperation. It is a team capable of meeting complex tasks, under the pressure of a given time, available to its customers all day long, providing answers and solutions and providing dedicated and professional service to a variety of customers.

Zohar Marom - Head of Hong Kong Branch:
"The Hong Kong office is an inseparable part of the Israeli community in Hong Kong and the broader Israeli community in Asia as a whole." As part of our work, we receive many requests from various travelers throughout Asia and often help travelers Israelis who have been in emergency situations and need help. "

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