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Amsalem India office

The Amsalem branch in India was established in 2009 and has a IATA license and is located in Bombay, the largest business center in India.

Amsalem India offers its clients a wide range of services including:
Business travel management for the Israeli business traveler, Travel Management for Indian Business Traveler, Travel management for global companies utilizing relationships with Amsalem offices worldwide, Organization and management of business delegations - in conjunction with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Industry, Trade and Labor.
The branch also specializes in organizing Indian delegations to Israel in agriculture and water,  and organization and accompaniment of private tourism, young and old who are interested to know the beauty and culture of India.

Why branch in India?
India is the seventh largest country in the world and the second highest population, at more than one billion people. India's purchasing power is the fourth largest in the world and its growth rate is fast. A recent study by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs reveals that India is the most pro-Israel country in the world, before the United States and European countries. From a tourism point of view, India's charm makes it a very sought out destination for travelers. In 2010, 17.9 million foreign tourists visited India. Growth in tourism revenues grew by 9.4% per year.

The staff at the Amsalem office in India:
Sivan Barzilai, branch manager, holds a BA in biology and DVM Botarianism from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Upon her arrival in India a few years ago, she began to specialize in the field of travel and tourism and acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the field.
The team includes a combination of Israeli and Indian workers who work in fruitful cooperation and enable overall observation and management of the office in the best possible manner. All team members are always available for any questions, comments or requests and give their best to the company's customers. The firm's employees have excellent relations with the airlines and the local service providers.

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