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Amsalem Mexico office

The Amsalem Mexico branch was established in 2008 and is located in Mexico City and holds an IATA license.
The office employs skilled travel consultants, including an Israeli team with extensive experience, originating in the main branch of Amsalem Tourism and Leisure in Israel. Alongside the Israeli team are local travel consultants.

As the main service provider in Latin America, the firm specializes in many areas: business travel, tourism and leisure packages, hotel and car rental, events and conferences for companies and individuals, specialization in groups of pilgrims, special packages for schools such as training and "Journey Poland" Government offices, handling of embassies, representative offices and international organizations, marketing of private flights, cooperation with travel agencies in Latin America, VIP services.

Latin America:
Latin America is in constant economic growth. Mexico, the 14th largest economy in the world and the leader in Latin America, has some 120 million inhabitants and is located in Central America with continental borders to the US Main economic areas: machinery, transportation, oil, minerals, agrometria, and of course tourism and aviation. Trade with 44 countries around the world and a tourism agreement with the State of Israel.

Business Opportunities:
Some of the opportunities Latin America and Mexico produce are in the fields of technology, hi-tech, water, security and communications, and are a preferred target for free trade. This figure generates a growth engine in the aviation and tourism industry. In the private sphere Mexico is known for its abundant resorts and beaches and is a preferred tourist destination in the world and its "strategic" location alongside the US provides a potential market for millions of tourists a year.

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