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Amsalem Turkey

The Amsalem Turkey branch was established in November 2007 and began its activities after receiving a Turkish license from TURKAB. The office is on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey's commercial capital and the most populous city in the country.
Turkey is a bridge between the East and West. It has a population of about 75 million people. Turkey is a developing country with high growth rates. It manufactures and exports large quantities in various industries, with most of our customers engaged in exports.
Due to the Turkish national airline's access to most of the world's destinations, the Turkish manufacturers create business connections throughout the world and hence the great potential of a Turkish travel agency. Amsalem Tours Turkey is located near industrial zones and is therefore accessible for our clients. In addition to the advantages of globalization, agreements with local carriers create promotion of the scope of activity with our customers.
The branch consists of Turkish and Israeli staff members, who are committed to providing the best possible service while working with our team and answering our customers at all hours of the day. The team works on two levels, the first to expand business cooperation and the second level to preserve existing customers, while emphasizing the quality of service delivery.

Nissim Bachar, branch manager: Married, father of 2 children and grandfather of two granddaughters. Graduated from Nahalal, specialized in textiles at Shenkar College of Textiles and Fashion Design. He is fluent in 5 languages and has knowledge and experience in the Turkish market.

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